Trail…and surprisingly no error

Hi everyone! It’s blog post number two and I am writing to y’all in high spirit! Since I have started this blog I have had a motivation to eat at home a little bit more! While I am not eating too healthy and I’m not eating at home every night; I am definitely eating more “home cooked” type of foods. Recently I have been making delicious breakfast sandwiches, soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a casserole.

I made these beautiful breakfast sandwiches that I am so excited to share with y’all! Obviously these are a very common sandwich, but when I was at home my dad would make them and put them on Hawaiian rolls. This makes them a little sweeter and the bun is so soft.

Ingredients: (note: you can use any brand, this is just what I use)

Instructions: (note: these steps can change, but this is how I do it.)

  1. Turn on stove and let pan heat up
    1. It’s important to let your skillet heat up before cooking – this goes for all types of cooking
  2. I crack one egg into a bowl, mix it up like one would to scramble an egg.
    1. Breaking the yolk before it hits the pan
  3. Pour it into a small pan and just let it heat, flip it over
    1. Cook the egg like a pancake – let it cook on one side, then flip it over. Don’t scramble it up!
  4. Once cooked I just set the egg on the plate to cool.
    1. For this week I made six, one for each day of the week (plus an extra)
  5. After I cooked all six eggs, I made six rectangular sausage patties
  6. While I was cooking the sausage, I was prepping the Hawaiian rolls with cheddar cheese, and folding my eggs into rectangles to fit onto the rolls
  7. Once the sausage is done, I would put it on a plate with a paper towel
    1. I learned this from my dad; he does this to soak up the extra grease from the sausages
  8. I would then put the sausage, egg, and cheese on the Hawaiian sub rolls!

I wrap each sandwich up individually, so I can warm them up in the morning and eat one on the way to class. I like to add mayonnaise to my sandwich, after it’s reheated, just to give it some extra flavor. To me, these taste better than getting those frozen sandwiches and heating them up, and it makes me feel better knowing that I made them!

I like to pair the sandwich with some fruit and some juice or coffee! Scrumptious!


For lunch this week I made a really yummy, but pretty unhealthy ham and cheese casserole. I got this recipe from a blog called Plain Chicken. This casserole was honestly so easy to make. I made a moderation to the ingredients because I couldn’t find hash browns at the store, so I made it with tater tots. I also halved the recipe since there is only one of me and the original made a lot of servings.

Prepping the Casserole
While I would like to take credit for thinking of putting ham, cheese, sour cream, soup, etc. together and making a great concoction, I can not. Following Plain Chicken on Pinterest has definitely inspired me.

I’m so glad I started with an easy casserole as it has left me feeling like I can cook, at least a little bit. I’ll see y’all next week with something new, and hopefully delicious!


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