Fajitas the Easy Way

So I have some bad news for y’all, that I am embarrassed to admit. I have been sick THREE times this semester, three different months. At first I thought it was just a cold that everyone had, then I got vertigo, and now I am just sick again. I think it’s because I went from working out 3-4 times a day, eating pretty well, and sleeping a lot to eating like sh!t, never working out, and sleeping a lot less.

That being said, I have started to make an effort to be better, and let me tell you, it’s hard.

It is November 29 at about 9:33am, I am still feeling sick, so I haven’t started getting back into the gym, but I have been trying to eat better. Also, let me say that when I say “eating

IMG_6651[1]better” I mean, cooking at home, eating things that I get from the grocery store, and not eating out.

For breakfast I just eat a bagel on the way to class in the morning, along with some fruit, and of course a coffee. When I get home from class I usually make a few eggs over medium, so I can have something a little more substantial.

The most difficult part of eating at home, for me, is getting enough protein/meat in my diet. I am not vegan/vegetation, but I am pretty fussy when it comes to cooking meat. I think it is important to have a strong sense of protein in my diet. I don’t like having meat just stare me in the face, and I hate eating it “plain.” Just a chicken breast is gross to me.

So, I bought some chicken and made some fajitas. These aren’t like the fajitas you would get from someone that is Hispanic and can cook these way better than me, but they are definitely much better than just eating a plain chicken breast. I like eating fajitas because I also get a good source of vitamins and minerals from red and green peppers.




This took me about 25 minutes to prep and cook, which is awesome. I just bought a package of fajita chicken, because I am bad a seasoning, a red pepper, a green pepper, small flour tortillas, sour cream, and cheese. The only thing I had to “cook” was the chicken and the cut up peppers just so all of the flavors could blend nicely together.

I would definitely recommend this to people that don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking because it was one of the easiest things. The chicken is already cooked, so you just have to reheat that, and you can’t under-cook a vegetable, so it’s really the easiest thing ever. I think next time I would like to make some refried beans and Mexican rice, but at least they were good how they were made the first time!


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