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Hello again, friend. I was going to jump into this blog by posting my first trial at a recipe from Pinterest, but I think it is important to log where someone starts on a project, so when it is finished it is easy to look back and see if one has grown or not. We are about to get very personal. About a month ago I moved out of my privileged home where someone was cooking for me, to a townhouse in San Marcos, Texas. Here I must buy my own groceries, prepare my own food, cook my own food, wash all the dishes, and clean up any messes. Let’s just say I have not been doing well at this process.

Once I decided on the theme for my blog I have taken an unwanted notice to my diet. It’s absolute shit. Breakfasts usually consist of chocolate chip muffins and an iced coffee from Starbucks. Lunch varies, although it’s mostly skipped. And dinner means I eat way too much food because I am so freaking hungry. I decided to photograph my diet from this Saturday just so y’all could get a good look at myself.

For breakfast I had three scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, two Ego chocolate chip waffles, and vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks. This meal was healthy until I decided to have iced coffee and waffles. Let me be clear when I say, I love the food I eat, but I know Breakfastthat it is terrible for my body…aside from the eggs. I have a tough time eating enough protein as meat is weird to me. I try to eat a good amount of eggs, so I can get some protein.

For lunch on Saturday I had nothing…I skipped this meal. This was not a clever idea as it was the same day as the UTSA football game. I’ll just leave it at that.

For dinner I reheated my delicious mild boneless wings from Buffalo Wild WingsBuffalo Wild Wings. Not too healthy and not something I cooked myself. As you can probably see…there is a definite trend here. The toaster/microwave to assist in my cooking. Over the next few weeks I would love to get rid of that habit and really start making some good meals!


Spaghetti-O’s and Waffles

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Ditter in the Kitchen. While your perverted mind may be thinking this blog is about something that it isn’t, let me stop you right there. Ditter in the Kitchen is going to be all about me, Mattison Ditter, learning how to navigate my new kitchen.

While I have been living away from home going on three years, I have never had my own kitchen. Growing up I was lucky, my dad loved to cook and my mom always ordered take out! I would cook about once a year with my aunt in Florida, but she did all the prep since I was so young. As I’m sure you can now guess, I am stuck in my mother’s habits and prefer someone else cook for me than me doing the “heavy lifting.”

Graducation TJC

It’s time for that to change. Not only am I a broke college girl, I am a worthless college girl. What do I have to show for myself if people come over and see my pantry? It’s not cute. All I have right now is Chef Boyardee, Animal Crackers, Ego Waffles, Blue Bell ice cream, and Tropicana orange juice! I am 20 going on 5. While these food items in my pantry are amazing, if I do say so myself, it’s time for me to learn how to fuel my body in healthier ways.


As this blog progresses I hope to show you that even the most inexperienced of culinary chefs can rise and become a moderate chef! I know I am going to relate to many young adults my age, and probably some parents (if they’re honest with themselves). I will be getting my cooking recipes from Pinterest and live Tweeting my progress on my Twitter profile. Ditter in the Kitchen will be an adventure, I am sure some days it will be filled with tears and some days it will be filled with smiles. Hopefully one day I will be able to share my own recipes with you and teach someone new how to cook! Nonetheless, welcome to my journey on becoming a better, well-rounded young adult!

Best Friend From High School

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