Scramble Your Eggs, Not Your Life

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I have many people tell me they do not know how to make good scrambled eggs, so I thought I would take the time to show y’all how to make the PERFECT, but EASY breakfast! Once I get home from class, which is like 9:45am, I will whip this breakfast up. It’s a good combination of unhealthy, and healthy. Honestly, just start calling me the health guru 😉 (JK!!!)

Let me know if you try this…it really is so simple. I wanted to add that I put the pan on the skillet on medium and let the pan get hot before cooking. That is something that my dad taught me. Letting your pan heat up before trying to cook makes it easier to have everything cook thoroughly and evenly. One of my favorite tips that I know!

Thanks for checking back in, y’all! See you soon!


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