Damn, Girl. Your Blog is Great!

Hello again friends…I am so sorry I left for the week as I am a college student and very busy! That is no excuse though as I am dedicated to this blog and I want to be the best blogger I can be. I was honestly just not cooking…I know, shocking. A college kid has their own kitchen and it’s not being used.

The freshman on campus always get so jealous when I tell them I have my own kitchen, but honestly, it sucks. They think it would be great to cook what they want when they want, but pro tip…KEEP YOUR CHEFS FROM THE CAF, FAST FOOD, ETC.

I hate cooking, it’s so time consuming, and cooking for one sucks. That being said, if y’all want to come over and eat dinner with me I would really appreciate you.

Okay okay okay, onto the point of the blog. Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for a slightly helpful, entertaining blog! She posted a cooking blog and it spoke to me in a way that I can not explain.

You know when you come across something on the internet and think, “Wow! This is what I was looking for!” That is her blog!

Basically she talks about cooking, but mostly thawing out frozen foods and making cooking easier than most make it. All of the blogs I found before wanted me to sift flower, cut up fresh vegetables, grill meat, and all of those other fancy things…Damn, Girl. told it how it was.

I strongly suggest you going to her blog and following her twitter! She truly is a breath of fresh air and deserves A LOT more followers!

Damn, Girl
Damn, Girl’s Blog


P.S. I promise to better by this blog as I love writing and pretending a ton of people read this. I also vow to get better and cook more! What do y’all want to see me cook? Should I make a video, so y’all can see how much I struggle?

Talk soon x!


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